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Our History...

The Fountain of Life International Church (FLIC) was Founded on April 4, 2014, and is the manifestation of the power and word of God. FLIC is a five-fold ministry, non-denomination Church that advocates the word, love, grace, truth, and mission of Christ.


Pastor Stephanie Wanza is the Founder of the Ministry and has been pastoring for 8 years and involved in ministry for the past 15 years.


FLIC has a global vision for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread throughout the earth and for God's healing, salvation, and redemptive power to overtake the world and to spread the love and light of Christ according to Psalms 36:5-10.


FLIC was founded and birthed out of prayer and intercession. God's grace is upon this Church to plant additional ministries in 30 countries throughout the earth and in countless cities, towns, and villages. God has given revelation through God's Holy Spirit and called leaders for this ministry to go to the nations and flourish according to the will and purpose of God which is to make disciples and to baptize believers in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit which is the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.


FLIC seeks to serve, bring hope, and the love of Christ to a lost and dying generation. The legacy of the ministry is to leave an everlasting impression of the commitment and desire to go beyond walls, barriers, and obstacles to reach and teach those who are looking for a savior, healer, keeper, and friend.


The Fountain of Life International Church (FLIC) is a global ministry which has been sent to the nations.

Our Mission

The mission of FLIC is to carry the Gospel to the four corners of the earth and spread the love, grace, healing and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to all.

Our Vision
​The vision of FLIC is to bring a culture of faith and love to all those who proclaim Christ.  To seek the love and heart of God, to create cities of refuge for hurting souls and to provide a culture of worship to God through our churches and ministries through out the earth.


FLIC is established on:

1. The Living Word

2. The love of God/Grace and Mercy

3 The Sacrifice of Christ/Salvation

4. The Gift of God's Grace/Joy Healing and Abundance

5. The Manifestation of God's hand/Miracles

God has ordained for miracles, healing, deliverance and testimonies to take place as a result of the manifestation of the Word coming forward from this Church as it has never been experienced before.



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